Welcome to the Lifestyle Medicine Practice of Dr. Rania Dempsey


I am excited to join you on your journey of lifelong health! My approach likely differs from your prior experience at the doctor’s office. I passionately believe that changing our lifestyles is the key to restoring health, so I prescribe exercise, healthy eating, smoking cessation, and other lifestyle interventions to help you get and stay healthy.


Unlike the traditional medical model that typically doesn’t offer the time or individualized attention to support lifelong lifestyle change, my patient visits are longer (usually 60-90 minutes), allowing me to hear and understand your background, values, challenges, and goals, and to recognize how these factors impact your health.


What sets me apart from a “wellness coach” or “nutrition counselor” is my unique expertise in Lifestyle Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Epidemiology, which allows me to synthesize relevant research and provide health recommendations tailored to your particular medical conditions and health goals.


I look forward to meeting you! For more information or to schedule an appointment please call 262.719.3037 or email me.

Dempsey-Rania_Web-Use-squareDr. Rania Dempsey is an internist/sports medicine physician who uses lifestyle medicine approaches to help patients prevent and treat disease and realize optimal health.
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