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Nutrition & Meal Planning Class

New sessions beginning frequently. Please contact us for more information and upcoming dates.

There are so many confusing messages about what healthy eating really looks like: Gluten free? Paleo? Is organic worth the extra money? Are carbs good or bad?  And what are GMOs, anyway? It can be so overwhelming that we don’t even know where to begin…but it doesn’t have to be this way. Learn to separate the fads from what really matters and gain hassle-free strategies for feeding your family healthfully.  This 3 week class covers important nutrition concepts and the research behind popular diets as well as practical tips for preparing meals and snacks that are quick and healthy.  Each class session includes a teaching and discussion period followed by food demonstrations and tastings.  You will also learn strategies for grocery shopping and meal planning, and each participant will complete a custom meal plan to use at home.

Course fee of $99 includes three 2-hour class sessions, all materials, food demonstrations and tastings, custom meal plans, and online recipe library