Nutrition Counseling

Eating well helps you feel more energetic and alert, and is important in preventing and treating many diseases, but knowing how to eat healthfully can be overwhelming and confusing. Dr. Dempsey’s practical approach to healthy eating, tailored to your specific health needs and food tolerances, helps you feel and perform your best whether you want to lose weight, optimize athletic performance, treat a medical condition, or simply learn to prepare healthy meals for yourself and your family.  Typically the first visit lasts 50-90 minutes and includes an initial assessment, baseline evaluation, and specific recommendations based on your current nutrition status.

In-home Meal Preparation Classes

For those wanting more in-depth and hands-on instruction, Dr. Dempsey offers meal planning and preparation classes for small groups or individuals in your home. Gather a few friends or enjoy one-on-one attention as you are guided through the planning and preparation of several make-ahead meals. Participants select the meals they would like to create from a large array of choices and are given step-by-step direction to prepare and store their make-ahead meals. Participants receive a shopping and materials list prior to the session and provide their own groceries.

Exercise as Medicine

Regular exercise is one of the most effective yet least used therapies available for improving sleep, mood, and energy level and preventing or treating disease. Whatever your fitness level, Dr. Dempsey offers education and exercise prescription to safely begin, resume, or optimize your physical activity program. If you choose to work with a personal trainer, Dr. Dempsey’s location within the Center 4 Whole Health/be fitness and wellness center offers ready access to and communication with first-class trainers attuned to your particular health and fitness needs.

Smoking Cessation

Gain the knowledge and support you need to quit smoking for good with this lifestyle-based approach, including medications if indicated.

Group Nutrition Classes

Small group nutrition and meal planning classes are offered regularly. Click here for a complete description and listing of upcoming classes.

Comprehensive Health and Lifestyle Risk Assessment

This unique program provides you with the information you need to make informed decisions about your health and wellness. The program includes a comprehensive health and lifestyle questionnaire, consultation with Dr. Dempsey, targeted physical examination, and laboratory measurements if indicated. All aspects of your health, including medical history, current medical conditions, general health status, family history of illness, emotional well-being, physical measurements, environmental exposures, and lifestyle behaviors, are evaluated. Dr. Dempsey then develops an Individual Health & Wellness Profile just for you—a comprehensive written report that helps you identify areas for improvement and make informed lifestyle choices. At a follow up visit you will be guided through the interpretation of your results and given recommendations regarding additional intervention with a lifestyle medicine physician or your primary care physician.

Comprehensive Corporate Wellness

Created in partnership with the be fitness and wellness center and The Center 4 Whole Health, this one of a kind program provides organizations with in-depth and integrative programing to optimize health and wellness in the workplace. While most corporate health programs offer incomplete solutions to complex problems, we provide programming for total being wellness. Program components include nutrition education, exercise and fitness (both guided exercise sessions and education on exercising safely and consistently), emotional health and its impact on physical health, strategies to heal unhealthy emotional patterns, goal setting and visualization, communication to foster healthy professional and personal relationships, and conflict resolution strategies for the workplace and at home. Contact us to learn more about bringing this unique program to your workplace.